2 Marines Embark on a Memorial through hike of the Appalachain Trail in memory of fallen camrade

My brother, Jeff Fowler, and a friend of his are currently 260 miles into a through hike of the Appalachain Trail. Both Marines, they are hiking in memory of their fallen camrade, Jason Karella, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2008. Their hike is not sponsored, and 100% of all money raised through www.karellahikeat.org is donated to Higher Ground Sun Valley. This organization seeks to help veterans reconnect with their families and loved ones through active sports. Since 2008, 15 Marines from Jeff’s battalion have committed suicide. Had they the support of an organization such as Higher Ground, they might have found the hope and will to carry on. If you would like to donate to Higher Ground, please follow the link above to do so, and select “Memorial Hike”.
Additionally, you may purchase a Jason Karella Memorial Hike for Higher Ground t-shirt (the proceeds of which are also donated to HG) at this website. They’re red so you can wear them on RED day! http://purpletunatees.com/hike_for_higher_ground

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