Bob Effinger’s Red Shirt Friday

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Bob Effinger, the Chief Actuary here at Zurich North America, wears a red
shirt every Friday in honor of the troops. He feels strongly about support
for our troops as his father, brother, and uncle all served in foreign

In honor of Veterans Day on November 11, this past November 8 2013 we held our
first annual “Bob Effinger’s Red Shirt Friday” event where Bob himself
donated a $1 for each person at our company who wore a Red Shirt, which was
matched by company donation and sent to Bob’s charity of choice, the
Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Bob Effinger, Chief Actuary of Zurich North America, hosted his first
“Red Shirt Friday” on November 8, 2013 (in honor of Veterans Day on
November 11th), and garnered a big turnout in support of the troops. Bob
donated $1 for each red shirt worn that day to one of his favorite
charities, Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Thanks – Lori


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