Bob Griseto

bob_grisetoThis is my husband, Bob Griseto. Bob has served as a US Navy sailor since 1972. He served 2 yrs in Viet nam as an active duty sailor. When his tour was up he served some time as a USN reservist. He was out of service for a while then re-enlisted in the reserves as a Seabee. All told he has faithfully served 24 years in th US Navy; with tours including Korea, Dessert Storm, Bosnia, Irag and is now on tour in Afghanistan. He is proud to serve this country and I am equally proud to be his wife. I Do wear red EVERY friday and will continue to do so long after he retires! To ALL of you serving, and all of your families;
God Bless You and keep you in his Care!!! – Ann Griseto


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