Cpl. Pambianchi

l_6d7b0d2a68f394b99f30608f936194f52LT. Johann Pambianchi and his brother Cpl. Francoise Marcel Pambianchi at Johann’s graduation from the Air Force Academy in Colorodo this May.

l_b785c51e3aa58b2e7f6888e0aad008abCpl. Pambianchi was in Iraq last year and Donald Rumsfield came to visit. He was one of the ones chosen to give Rumsfield a tour of the base and sit down and talk with him.

l_b7665b91486979325ab6561774f98274San Diego where Cpl. Pambianchi is currently based at Miramar. Its a new MV-22 Osprey in the background.


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