One Message to Wear Red Works!

As a (non deployed) Veteran I sent out a message last night for my office to wear red today and it worked. We have a small Medical Supply office in Vancouver, WA we enjoy showing our support. I worked for this company from 15-20, joined the Army did my 5.5 years and started working here again in January 2012. The company owner has been very good at helping me transition into the civilian world again. The only thing I knew was filing and stuff from before I joined the Army, and while I was in I did medical Logistics and was in charge. Now I’m in a book keeping position which requires quite a bit of self discipline, which I have, but communication is a little complex from soldier to civilian at times.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating a web site dedicated. I appreciate everything you all do, and we’re here with you, supporting 😀

Don Holliday (SPC)


Wordpress / Php Web Developer

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