Pfc. Matthew J. England

Pfc. Matthew J. England, my beloved son, my only child, died June 8, in A Najaf province, Iraq, while serving in Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn. Enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Hood, Texas. He entered active-duty service in September 2009 as an armor crewman, deployed in August of 2010 and expected to return home in August of 2011 following his one-year tour of duty. He is sadly missed by his Grandfather, Doug England a retired member of the Air Force, his two Uncles, Chris and David England, his Aunt Kari England all of Bartlett, Tn. As well as, Mary and Billy Rubin, Matthews Great Aunt and Uncle, of Memphis, TN. His mother Pamela Hengen of Gainesville, MO. As well as, Alyssa Blache and their precious little daughter Daphanie. A father couldn’t be more proud of his son the way that I am, Matthew is a hell of a man, a grandson, a nephew. We talked and shared things only a father and son could have, these talks and every aspect of his life will endure forever in me. There is no one or nothing, even war, even his death that will be able to take that away from me. Matthew’s life made a real and permanent difference to our lives, as well as his friends and extended family. A little about Matthew my son, in case you had never had the opportunity to know or meet him, between his grandfather and I, he inherited his handsome and good looks, his winning smile and outstanding sense of humor. He was clever, always surprising, one would never know what he would come up with next. Us three (my father, myself and Matthew) were so very close, inseparable, we looked alike, spoke alike, walked alike and were mischievous together. We earned and gained attention everywhere we went, we had so much fun, uncountable great times. His birth and his death have changed my life forever. I am so proud of Matthew, what he stood for, serving his country, his bravery, his courage, the ultimate sacrifice so that others may have a better life.

In loving memory of my beloved son Matthew Joseph England: Forever with love; his Father, Daniel Joseph England.

Bartlett, Tenn.

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