Post Office Branch Renamed After Sgt. Lea Mills, USMC

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Today, I had the honor of attending a dedication re-naming the Brooksville Aviation Branch Post Office in honor of Sgt. Lea Mills, USMC, a true American hero. Listening to his childhood friend and fellow Marine, Sgt. Josh Perdue, talk about him was touching. I never had the pleasure of meeting Lea, but as I listened to the letters and comments, I could not help choking up with pride in our Armed Forces and Sgt Mills, the man. I heard his friend tell of how he helped others, always made them laugh, and was a true leader. As I wondered what Lea would think of this day, his friend, Sgt. Perdue, answered that question by saying that if you asked Lea what you could do to help, he would tell you to send a card, shake a soldier’s hand, let him or her know you care. As a leader, Lea knew his troops didn’t care how much he knew till they saw how much he cared. I want to also recognize two more heroes, his Mom and Dad. They shaped him into the man any parent would be proud to call their son. It would be easy to retreat and feel sorry for yourself and who would blame you? But not Lea’s Mom, Dee. She realizes, as only a mother could, how important it is to show you care. To date, she has raised over $35,000.00 for postage to send packages to the troops through her nonprofit organization, Lea’s Prayers and Postage. As I looked throughout the audience, I saw a lot of tears. I like to believe they were tears of thanksgiving that we have heroes to stand for us, as Lea did. Semper fi.


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