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National_AviationEveryone knows somebody that has served or is currently serving in our nation’s military; and as most of you know I am a huge supporter of our nation’s military and also served myself. What you might not know is that my family has a great history of serving our country. My grandfather, father, and brother all served in the Navy, my great grandfather and brother served in the Army, my brother-in-law served in the Air Force, and I served in the Marine Corps. I also have two nephews and a niece currently serving in the Air Force, a niece and nephew that served in the Navy, and as many of you know my step son Matt is currently serving in the Army. The brave men and women who serve have sacrificed their time, family lives, and ultimately their own life,working hard to protect the freedoms that we enjoy every day and deserve our recognition and support. is an organization that wants everyone in the country to do just that by wearing red shirts every Friday and I think it would be a great way for everyone here at National Aviation to show our support and appreciation to all of our troops both past and present. If you would like more information on the organization feel free to ask me or visit the website Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing a lot of red shirts around the building every Friday!

Steve Sechrist, Machine Shop Supervisor


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