Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

TEEX_Red_ShirtOn Nov. 11, 2011, Veterans Day, TEEX officially kicked off its participation in Red Shirt Friday, a nationwide initiative that visibly demonstrates support for our men and women in uniform. TEEX is a military/veteran-friendly organization. TEEX’s student, wage and budgeted employee population reflects 222 military veterans – more than 18 percent of the agency’s total workforce.

In addition, as a member of The Texas A&M University System, TEEX participates in the A&M System’s Project Military Friendly, a network of veterans service providers. As a part of that effort, TEEX has pursued and received Veterans Administration (VA) approval on a number of training programs to assist veterans in furthering their education and training, while leveraging their veterans benefits.

Through three of its five divisions, TEEX offers 13 courses that are approved by the VA for enrollment of military veterans. According to Steven Robinson, TEEX’s Veterans Liaison Officer, the programs are: Recruit Fire Academy, Basic Peace Officer, International Unexploded Ordnance, Emergency Medical Services and Certified Safety and Health Official. Robinson also said that there are plans to potentially add up to 30 additional training courses to this list during the coming year.

In addition to Robinson’s efforts, the work of each of the VA-approved course certifying officials is vital to the success of each program’s enrollment and customer focus efforts, said Mark Posada, TEEX’s Manager of Education and Training Initiatives. “These folks go above and beyond the call of duty and are extremely critical to our combined efforts to meet the purpose and intent of the A&M System Military Friendly initiative.”

School Certifying Officials include Christina Peery (UXO) and Jan Meyer-Brickley (PS&S); Lisa Cumby and Quenya Evans(ITSI); and Pat Holland and Nikki Winder (ESTI). For more information about TEEX programs for Veterans, visit www.teex.org.

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