West Coast German Shepherd Schutzhund Club

Canadian_dog_training_groupsWest Coast German Shepherd Schutzhund Club invitation dog training work week held 23-27 Feb 2010, showing support to the troops on Red Friday.
Participants from Florida to the Yukon.
Photo by Bill Emery 19 Wing Comox.

Schutzhund Dog’s Support Red Friday

In March 2006, wear Red on Fridays to show your support to the Canadian troops, was introduced by two Canadian military service spouses.

In February 2007, our club the West Coast German Shepherd Schutzhund Club started a tradition to show our support to our Canadian soldiers, during our annual invitational Schutzhund dog training event each year. To have all participants to wear Red on Friday’s either a shirt, Jacket or just a ribbon.

This year on Friday 25th February 2011, we took the support one step further, our invitational souvenir shirts were all in red for each participant.

We explained to all participants what the meaning to wear Red on Friday’s meant to us and to Canadians, and then come Friday morning, All participant, on the field training dogs were dressed in Red souvenir shirts to show their support to all soldiers.

The participants who attended the invitational annual schutzhund training event were from, across Canada, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon the United States of America, California, to Florida.

We have been supporting the troops at out club every Friday since we started, and we hope to keep up this tradition for many years to come.

Thanks to our troops deployed and at home.

If you’re in our area drop in and say hello, West Coast German Shepherd Schutzhund Club, Surrey BC, www.wcgssc.com

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