Canadian soldiers on OP CROCODILE

Good day,

The deployed Canadian soldiers on OP CROCODILE with the United Nations in the Dem. Republic of Congo would like to say a very warm thank you to the Red Fridays organization from Miramichi. Ms. Sullivan’s Grade 2 Class from Nelson Rural School on 26 St. Patrick’s Drive Miramichi, New Brunswick, left us speechless when we received the Christmas boxes. They were a great mixt of useful items such as notepad, some for entertainment such as cards and others items for distraction and pleasure like the little jujubes. As we all have families back home, seeing hand written cards from these kids was of great joy for us as none of us got to spend this time of the year with our family.

Unfortunately, Ms Sullivan’s letter left us with the mailing address and no email and we cannot send packages out of the country to send a thank you letter. Please, from all 9 of us deployed in Congo, pass our most appreciative thank you to those individuals responsible in Miramichi for sending us those packages. We also appreciate the work that you do.

Major Dionne


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