Forget Not One

Forget Not OneFORGET NOT ONE. Today is RED Friday (Remember Everyone Deployed) April 1, 2016. On this day in 1965, an American civilian, Donald Dawson, a Californian age 25, was captured by the Viet Cong in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Dawson’s older brother, Army 1st Lieutenant Daniel George Dawson, a pilot age 27, had been lost when his small reconnaissance plane, an L-19 Birddog, went down on November 6, 1964 in Bien Hoa Province. When Don learned of this, he sold everything he owned, left his wife with $20, and bought passage to Vietnam. Once there he equipped himself with a soldier’s gear and wandered alone through the guerrilla-controlled countryside looking for his brother. He carried leaflets picturing the tiny plane and describing in Vietnamese the reward for news of the missing pilot. He became known as anh toi phi-cong—”the brother of the pilot.” The Viet Cong later released him on August 24, 1965. When Don finally emerged from the rice paddies north of Bien Hoa airbase, he reported that his obsessive search for his brother was over after nine months—four of them as a POW. He said his captors “told me Dan was dead and gave me a flight vest he wore, and then they told me to go home.” Don never saw his brother’s grave, but the Viet Cong promised they would tend it until he could come back after the war was over. For Don, it was time for him to go home to his wife and four children in Costa Mesa. Afflicted later with serious cancer leading to his early death, he never returned to Vietnam. His brother is still buried there, his grave’s location unknown except perhaps to a few elderly Viet Cong vets and for sure to the Almighty.

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Book One, FORGET NOT ONE, 510 pages, $2.99. This novel is about one courageous 20-year old Marine who was captured in 1970 in a South Vietnam mangrove swamp. Corporal Thomas MacLaine is an Eagle Scout who is fluent in Vietnamese. His sister, Elizabeth, is a country lawyer from West Virginia who has an enduring faith in him to survive. 
Their day-to-day lives are intertwined as they struggle to cope with Thomas first being declared missing-in-action and later a wounded prisoner-of-war. Together they forge an inseparable bond of life-affirming hope in body, mind and spirit. They pursue Tom’s ultimate freedom as the mutual quest foremost in their lives.

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