I am a proud Wal-Mart associate. I have recently pitched the idea of allowing associates to wear RED SHIRT FRIDAY t-shirts.

The company says that it supports our heroes, so I have challenged them to back it up in “deed”, not just words.
I am waiting to hear back, but would love to have an support or suggestions on helping to make this not just a dream, but a reality!

The company allows us to wear football t-shirts & Jerseys on the weekends during football season, so why not allow us to participate in RED SHIRT FRIDAYS?
Maybe, it would help if ppl started calling Bentonville suggesting that they support this worthy idea/cause!!!

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I strongly agree… I suspect a lot of “Red Tape” on this… but certainly think that it would be one way for Wal-Mart to show that it cares in a committed way. Especially saying that they allow any of their employees to wear a Red On Friday support Shirt of their choice.

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