Bended Knees

Bended Knees
By Natalee Webb

June 14, 1777, our flag first flew
We added stars as our states grew
Soaring overhead, our red, white and blue
Your bended knees we defend

When Civil War threatened its destruction
Old Glory’s fight, still held our conviction
Soldiers die from war’s affliction
Your bended knees we defend

By law our symbol flies 24 seven
Upon places for those in heaven
Our flags defense, their lives given
Your bended knees we defend

Over our port of entry and in DC
Our symbol flies for all to see
One nation, our flag flies free
Your bended knees we defend

WWI, WWII and Korea, we took our stand
Fighting for freedoms in these foreign lands
Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan
We are your freedom’s guardsman
Defending lands, from coast to coast
The unwelcomed Vietnam Vet, hurt us most
Your bended knees we defend

Returning from Vietnam, on us you spat
The orders we took, did not warrant that
It was for our country, we went to bat
Your bended knees we defend

As an un-united nation, we brawl
In protest, while playing ball
Contempt for our flag, dishonors us all
Those bended knees, disrespect us

Your politics, protests and knees we defend
Our nation’s unrest, is lack of honor we contend
It’s the American Flag of freedom to you we extend
For God, country and family – Amen

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