Red Shirt Fridays Mission Statement

About MissionThe mission of RedShirtFridays.org is to show support for our servicemen and servicewomen. We are not a political organization. We do not care whether or not one supports or does not support our nation’s specific military missions. We care only about making our support of our servicemen and servicewomen known to our fellow Americans and the world. We are a silent majority that does not wish to remain silent anymore. We wish to let our servicemen and servicewomen know we support their sacrifice and that we will not forget them; we will do this by wearing Red every Friday.

Message From Our Founder

Although Red Shirt Fridays was not my idea, I became involved and started this web site because I know what it is like to be half a world away from your life, to feel that no one cares, and to come home to be humiliated and ashamed of your service.

I have come full circle now. I am no longer ashamed and I realize I never should have been! My hope is that none of our armed forces will ever have to go through this again. I have seen firsthand how troop morale is as important as basic training. If morale is low, mistakes are made and people die.

Our job is to support our troops and in the process we can help to increase their morale by showing we care. Let’s face it, your show of appreciation could very well save someone’s son or daughter’s life. So my question to you is will you do your part and wear RED on Fridays? Read: A Red Wave Of Support For Troops – Here

– Lloyd (Doc) Hofmeister

Note from Site Administrator

RedShirtFridays.org thrives on the passion that Doc and others like him hold for our troops. There are many people and businesses who contribute, if even a little to help us keep this web site up and running to both encourage the troops, and to help others here at home understand what it is they face on a day to day basis.

The soul purpose of this web site is so that we, here at home, can show our support for our troops. This web site does not sell anything and does not seek to profit from it’s efforts. We are a Non-Profit Movement, and are not a registered 501(c) organization. Even the red shirts that are sold through one of our sponsors’ web sites, are not sold for financial gain. Joni Industries, the company that sells the Red Shirt Fridays shirts, donates ALL profits to missions supporting our troops.

If you would like to help in some way, please feel free to either contact us. Also, Read The Article in Tampa Bay Times Regarding Redshirtfridays.org