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SPC. Sean Last


My son, SPC. Sean Last from Muscatine, iA. Currently serving his first tour in Kandahar Province Afghanistan. !st AD 1-36 IN Fort Bliss, TX. His family and friends are so proud of him. Stay safe and we love you and

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Gunnery Sergeant Joshua A. Potter


My amazing and supporting husband Gunnery Sergeant Joshua A. Potter, USMC. Currently stationed in Afghanistan and will be back at the end of 2012. He is an awesome dad to Madison and Alexia. We love and miss him dearly! ~

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This is Marky. He is currently over in Afghanistan. He’s one of a kind, and such a silly soldier. Come home safe Marky and continue to be safe over there

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SPC Janisse


SPC Janisse; He just left for a Texas base and is leaving for his first tour in Afghanistan in two months and will be gone for a year. He has waited for this for so long. Serving his country is

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PFC Shane Breakiron


This is my husband, PFC Shane Breakiron. He is currently serving in Afghanistan. We’re surviving our first deployment, one “I miss you” at a time. ~ Kristie Shaffer

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Cpl. Nicholas White


This is my husband, Cpl. Nicholas White. We are going through our first deployment to Afghanistan. I’m praying he makes it home for Christmas! My love, My life, My HERO! ~ Jordyn White

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LCPL Randall Crawford


This is my son LCPL Randall Crawford, he is currently on his second deployment to Afghanistan. He is missed very much and can’t wait for him to get back home! ~ Bette Johns

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Lcpl Christopher Sodanowho


My son Lcpl Christopher Sodanowho, who right now is serving in Afghanistan. He is missed, loved and our HERO and I remind him of that every phone call though they are very far and few in between. We are lucky

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LCpl J. Tyler Cullman


LCpl J. Tyler Cullman, USMC, November 2008-present, picture taken on 26th MEU deployment to Afghanistan.

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Spec Wesley J. Cullman


Spec Wesley J. Cullman, US Army LRS Airborne, June 2008-present, picture taken on deployment to Iraq.

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