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LCpl’s in Afghanistan


LCpl Aaron Roberts (left) and his friend and fellow Marine, LCpl Anthony Barcellona (right). They are both serving in Afghanistan. Due to return home late this year, 2011.

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PFC Brock Goldbeck


PFC Brock Goldbeck 2nd AABN, out of Camp Lejuene.

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Lcpl Brodie Goldbeck


My son Lcpl Brodie Goldbeck in Afghanistan. I pray everyday for all our boys. Proud mom of twin Marines… Shayne Goldbeck

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PFC Cody Vance


Here is a Picture of me, Ret 1SG James Vance and my oldest son PFC Cody Vance. It was taken while he was home on leave last year prior to a deployment to Iraq. All tho I do not have

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SGT Michael Long


SGT Michael Long, currently serving in Afghanistan. I am so very proud of him. He has two beautiful boys, Gavin (5 years old) and Tyler (7 months old). He has been gone for 7 months. He left 24 hours after

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Jacob Fernandez


This is my husband Jacob Fernandez who is currently in Afghanistan and when he returns he will meet his baby boy for the first time! ~ Lauren Fernandez

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A1C Abram Perez


A1C Abram Perez United States Air Force Abram has served one tour in Iraq and is currently stationed at Shaw AFB.

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Ashleigh Taylor-Airforce


Ashleigh Taylor-Airforce, currently serving in Balad.

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Gregory James Minervini


My AO GREGORY JAMES MINERVINI Is serving on board the Nimitz cvn 68. He has not been home for over eight months. Praying to have him home for Christmas. I love you my dearest, and miss you terribly. Come home

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PFC David Sherman Jr


My Fiance, PFC David Sherman Jr, is 91 Bravo and will be deployed soon. I am SO proud of him for what he is doing, but will miss him more than I can say. I love you SO MUCH. Please

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