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“By Your Side”

To all the “Warriors, Enlisted, NCO, and Officers” thanks to you all, for your service and sacrifice. From us Americans, Patriots, and Veterans. May Speed, Power, and Success be with you always. And a special thanks for the Military Wives

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Training Engagement Coordinator/Educations Services

Red Shirt Fridays Dell Education Services

Thank you from Dell Education Services!

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Support our troops

I love this web site, and I love RED Fridays. I wear my shirt every Friday to work. My husband is a Marine Veteran, he did two tours in Afghanistan. Then of course there’s my big brother, who is an

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Thank You Veterans

To all that served with honor, thank you. I am a freshman in high school and I am proud to be an American, and I know what freedom I have which is protected by these men and women everyday. Every

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Say thanks by writing letters to veterans.

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Canadian soldiers on OP CROCODILE

Good day, The deployed Canadian soldiers on OP CROCODILE with the United Nations in the Dem. Republic of Congo would like to say a very warm thank you to the Red Fridays organization from Miramichi. Ms. Sullivan’s Grade 2 Class

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Thank you!

As a proud veteran, thank you to all of the men and women who wear red to show support of our active duty, reserve, guard and retired men and women of America’s Armed Forces. To those who have served or

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Thank you to all of you men and women who have and still serve. Saying thank you isnt enough but i hope for some it helps just a little. Coming from a military family (navy and currently army) i have

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PVT Roy Childers


My son, PVT Roy Childers recently graduated from Army boot camp on August 13th out of Fort Jackson and is currently at Fort Benning to compete his AIT training. Roy has wanted to fly combat helicopters since he was in

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Columbus, Ohio Supporter


Thanks from all of us at Teleperformance in Columbus, Ohio!

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