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Thanks from Offutt Main Exchange!

There is no way to put this type of thanks into words! But thank you for everything you do for us, every sacrifice you make to serve and keep Americans safe. You truly are heros.

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We as People in the United State take our Freedom for granted. I just wanted to say Thank You and God Bless you and your family for your services.

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Born on the 11th of November

Born on the 11th of November I put on a soldier’s uniform when I was 13 and joined the British Columbia Regiment Cadet Corp., In Vancouver BC. We were taught some of the purposes for the cadet Corps are to

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Thank A Soldier MP3

“Thank a Soldier” — written and performed by Southern California singer-songwriter, Trish Lester. Available as an MP3 and on Trish’s CD, “Plymouth Belvedere,” both at For further information, please visit

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