Coming Soon Improved Features are Coming Soon! is improving many things about our website, it’s features, and roadmap to future goals. Striked out items on the list are completed.

Here is a breakdown and timeline of just some of the things that are under way now;
a complete website redesign making visually more appealing and easier to use;
an improved mechanism to upload comments, photo’s and video’s directly to the site yourself; more…

  • Priority Updates, Features, and Design. Help Us Reach These Goals HERE
    • 2.5 hrs: Update from version 3 to version 4 WordPress including existing features compatible plugin testing
    • 7.0 hrs: New responsive mobile friendly design with full width browser web site design & layout
    • 9.5 hrs: Press / Media kit including vectoring artwork for copyright free support and media usage
    • 3.5 hrs: Create secure CAPTCHA challenge Contact Us Form and insure debug and testing with live network
    • 2.0 hrs: Research and Create link, references page, to support and donate to other 501(c)(3) Non-Profit troop and veteran support organizations
    • Tentative completion date: TBD Upon Funding
  • New clean website design and layout making more accessible
    • Modern HTML 5 design giving a clean layout and visually appealing look
    • Responsive Web Design; will be easily visible from tablets and mobile devices
    • Web Accessibility Initiatives (WAI) compliance, and
      Usability Guidelines implementation.
    • Tentative completion date: TBD
  • Upload your troop support comments, pictures, and videos easily with a simple (no login necessary) method
    • Blog your troop support comments, pictures, and videos (for anyone) with ease
    • Designated blog articles for military family members to post comments, pictures and videos.
    • Tribute and honorary acknowledgment articles for extraordinary active duty contributions
    • Special honorary pages for those who have “Gave All” by laying down their lives for our country
    • Tentative completion date: TBD
  • Connect RedShirtFridays with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more
    • Connect articles, photo’s, videos and more with your favorite social network
    • Social Icons
    • Tentative completion date: TBD
  • Directory listing for supporting businesses and organizations wearing “Red Shirts on Friday”
    • If your business supports wearing “Red Shirts on Fridays” you can…
      1. Upload a group picture of your company or organization showing your support
      2. Enter your business or organizations address and contact information
      3. Become easily searchable by name, category, locality, and keywords
      4. Ability to show your business location via Google maps
    • Tentative completion date: TBD
  • Improved sponsorship recognition, along with detailed ways in which to sponsorship support
    • Ideas are in the making and will begin taking place very soon, but details are still being determined.
  • News and morale from in service men and women currently serving in the armed forces
    • Ideas are in the making and will begin taking place very soon, but details are still being determined
    • Tentative completion date: TBD
  • More links, pages and resources dedicated to related websites and support information
    • External websites and organization that provide support to our troops will be better listed
    • Tentative completion date: Ongoing