Q: What is Red Shirt Fridays about?
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Answer: Red Shirt Fridays is about showing support for our troops past or present; whether deployed, at home, or abroad by wearing red every Friday. RedShirtFridays.org advocates this by posting pictures, articles, and news that show a support for the servicemen and servicewomen of our armed forces. If we all participate this way, either as a business, organization, veteran, or civilian, then we send a very powerful message of support to our troops. See our About page for more information about RedShirtFridays.org Hide answer.

Q: How can I get involved? Can I start my own Red Shirt Fridays Chapter?
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Answer: You can get involved in any way you like. You do not need to get approval to start your own Red Shirt Fridays group. While RedShirtFridays.org is a .org domain, we are about the wearing of Red on Fridays movement. We are not a registered 501(c) organization. We allow anyone to refer to our website, use our domain name or logo in print, or reference in any media as long as it shows a support for our troops. We recommend that you find your nearest VFW post, get involved and/or start a group for Red Shirt Fridays with your local veterans support to help drive the Red Shirt Fridays movement. Hide answer.

Q: Can I buy a shirt from you? Can I make my own shirt?
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Answer: We currently do not sell anything ourselves. We do have a screen printer company that makes shirts on behalf of RedShirtFridays.org, and donates all the profits to missions supporting our troops. You can purchase them from Joni Industries Here. You also have our full permission to make shirts of your own that have our logo(s), or name on them in support of the Red on Friday movement. Hide answer.

Q: How can I support with a donation? Can I donate to RedShirtFridays.org
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Answer: As we are a complete volunteer organization without a 501(c)(3) status, a donation to have our website design and features improvements can be given to reach current milestone goals for RedShirtFridays.org website developments. Additionally, there are so many great existing ways to donate in support of our troops and veterans. We always recommend finding where your nearest VFW post is located and donating there. They will insure that money or needs will get to our troops oversees, or other ways to donate as well. We will soon have an information page dedicated on how to donate in different ways in support for Red Shirt Fridays, veterans, and current enlisted armed forces services. Hide answer.

If you have anymore questions, please contact us or comment below(comments turned off due to link spam) to help with keeping our FAQ page relevant. I will answer your questions directly here, or email you directly with a specific answer. Sincerely, Red Shirt Fridays (dot) Org Webmaster.