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Here is some of the latest news and happenings at Red Shirt Fridays.

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

On Nov. 11, 2011, Veterans Day, TEEX officially kicked off its participation in Red Shirt Friday, a nationwide initiative that visibly demonstrates support for our men and women in uniform. TEEX is a military/veteran-friendly organization. TEEX's student, wage and budgeted employee population reflects 222 military veterans - more than 18 percent of the agency's total workforce.

In addition, as a member of The Texas A&M University System, TEEX participates in the A&M System's Project Military Friendly, a network of veterans service providers. As a part of that effort, TEEX has pursued and received Veterans Administration (VA) approval on a number of training programs to assist veterans in furthering their education and training, while leveraging their veterans benefits.

Through three of its five divisions, TEEX offers 13 courses that are approved by the VA for enrollment of military veterans. According to Steven Robinson, TEEX's Veterans Liaison Officer, the programs are: Recruit Fire Academy, Basic Peace Officer, International Unexploded Ordnance, Emergency Medical Services and Certified Safety and Health Official. Robinson also said that there are plans to potentially add up to 30 additional training courses to this list during the coming year.

In addition to Robinson's efforts, the work of each of the VA-approved course certifying officials is vital to the success of each program's enrollment and customer focus efforts, said Mark Posada, TEEX's Manager of Education and Training Initiatives. "These folks go above and beyond the call of duty and are extremely critical to our combined efforts to meet the purpose and intent of the A&M System Military Friendly initiative."

School Certifying Officials include Christina Peery (UXO) and Jan Meyer-Brickley (PS&S); Lisa Cumby and Quenya Evans(ITSI); and Pat Holland and Nikki Winder (ESTI). For more information about TEEX programs for Veterans, visit

Consumer Guide on Housing and Mortgages for Veterans and Active Military

It's located at and covers what VA loans are, its benefits, how to apply for one, special protections against foreclosure, etc.

Marine Needs Help!

Thomas More Law Center Answers Prosecutor’s Appeal in LtCol Chessani Case

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center, a national, public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, yesterday filed its answer brief in response to the prosecution’s appeal of the Military Judge’s ruling, dismissing the case against LtCol Jeffrey Chessani, USMC based on unlawful command influence. Read More...

Thank you to the Black Hawk Squadron as they left on the first leg of trip to Iraq.

Guardsmen get a sendoff in Hernando
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Salute The Troops Rally

Read This: Salute The Troops Rally

Call Enrichment Center for info @ (352) 597-6331. WWJB 1450 AM Radio Tues. Night 7pm and

Red Friday Rally

Treat The Troops

troops volunteers

Volunteers from Spring Hill, FL comprise one of the many groups across the country that bake and send cookies to deployed military men and women on behalf of Treat The Troops.  The hard working ladies and men in Spring Hill have baked and sent over 35,000 cookies in just 15 months, but are increasing that number every day!  Each volunteer bakes as he or she has time, then takes the treats to Barbara Newlin, the area coordinator, who has a freezer in her garage that’s dedicated to just cookies.  Once a month the packing team gets together, boxes them up, and ships them to troops that have either requested them from Treat The Troops’ website, or have had family or friends write on their behalf. 

Across the country, Treat The Troops volunteers have baked and sent over 900,000 cookies!  Receiving over 250 requests a month, covering the postage takes a constant fund raising effort.  To help with donations for postage expenses and baking ingredients, please send checks made out to “Treat The Troops” to Barbara Newlin, 4260 Hunters Pass, Spring Hill, FL  34609.  Treat The Troops is an all-volunteer organization, recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS.

To see photos or learn more about Treat The Troops, or if you know of deployed military men and women who aren’t receiving mail from home and would like to request cookies, visit

To view the slideshow directly click the link below and then click on RUN.

A Red Wave Of Support For Troops

Vietnam veteran Doc Hofmeister, center, is leading a national effort to get people to wear red shirts to work on Fridays to honor our troops. Posing with Hofmeister are some of the people he shares an office with at Coastal Financial and Kierzynski & Associates in Weeki Wachee. From left to right are Michelle Kastner, Susan Ferriero, Gloria Strey, Jennifer Koalsa, Dena Santo and Sally Hardy.

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[Lance Aram Rothstein | Times]

Winter Issue American Equity Takes Troop Support Serious

We need more companies like this!

Support Our Troops

American Equity


American Equity is pleased to extend its efforts to Support Our Troops every Friday by giving each employee a RED LONG SLEEVE SHIRT.

Please coordinate with your supervisor a time (i.e. phone coverage) to go to Personnel and try on one of the shirts.  A sample of every men and women's size of shirt is there, and we will purchase according to your order. Some of the samples are burgundy but the shirts we order will be RED. We would like to have the AEL order ready by Friday, December 28th so your help in accomplishing this is appreciated.

If you have questions, please let me know.

May You All have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Post Office Branch Renamed After Sgt. Lea Mills, USMC

Today, I had the honor of attending a dedication re-naming the Brooksville Aviation Branch Post Office in honor of Sgt. Lea Mills, USMC, a true American hero. Listening to his childhood friend and fellow Marine, Sgt. Josh Perdue, talk about him was touching.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Lea, but as I listened to the letters and comments, I could not help choking up with pride in our Armed Forces and Sgt Mills, the man.  I heard his friend tell of how he helped others, always made them laugh, and was a true leader. As I wondered what Lea would think of this day, his friend, Sgt. Perdue, answered that question by saying that if you asked Lea what you could do to help, he would tell you to send a card, shake a soldier's hand, let him or her know you care.  As a leader, Lea knew his troops didn’t care how much he knew till they saw how much he cared.  I want to also recognize two more heroes, his Mom and Dad. They shaped him into the man any parent would be proud to call their son.  It would be easy to retreat and feel sorry for yourself and who would blame you?  But not Lea’s Mom, Dee.  She realizes, as only a mother could, how important it is to show you care.  To date, she has raised over $35,000.00 for postage to send packages to the troops through her nonprofit organization, Lea’s Prayers and Postage.  As I looked throughout the audience, I saw a lot of tears.  I like to believe they were tears of thanksgiving that we have heroes to stand for us, as Lea did. Semper fi.


Doc with ResolutionHernando County Commissioners Proclaim Red Shirt Fridays!

The Hernando County Board of County Commissioners signed a resolution on September 25th, 2007 that proclaims Red Shirt Fridays for Hernando County residents to wear red on Fridays to demonstrate support for our troops.

Click here to view Resolution

Airman First Class Felicia HuntCounty Commends Airman First Class Felicia Hunt

Airman First Class Felicia Hunt while on a boating adventure on a Sunday afternoon, was suddenly presented with a situation to not only give assistance, but to help save the lives of two people. On September 25th, 2007 the Hernando Board of County Commisioners signed a resolution commending Airman First Class Felicia Hunt for her act of heroism and for putting into action her skills received through her Air Force training.

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