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Prayer Request

If you have any prayer request, please feel free to email them to us at webmaster@redshirtfridays.org.

Please join me in praying for the parents of PFC Matthew England, 22, of Gainsville, MO. Matthew "gave all" June 8, 2011 in Iraq. Matthew's parents are Joe and Pam Hengen of Gainsville, and Danny England of Memphis, TN.

The Memorial Service will be held Sunday, 3 PM, at First Christian Church in Gainsville. Burial will be at a later date and is private.
Matthew was Pam Hengen's only son. A beautiful memorial slide presentation has been created by Ozark County Times (FB).

Still wearing my redshirtfriday shirt!

Saucier, MS
Matthew's Aunt
Friend of the Mill's Family.

Please pray for a battalion stationed on the front lines in Afghanistan. They are all in dire conditions. Many fellow soldiers lost in battle. Morale is poor.

My name is Dottie Rumfalo and I live in Lancaster, CA. I was so appreciative of the friend who directed me to this website. I too, am a military mom; my son, Michael is a U.S. Marine, who has served for 8 years now and plans to make this his career. I can't tell you how proud of him I am.

I want to thank you for creating this website for people to post their prayer requests. I have noticed two listed here; one from Susan Chrisman and the other from Heather Payne. I am only too happy and honored to be praying for their son and husband. Rest assured that I will be adding their names to my Psalm 91 list. May I add a suggestion to these two wonderful women. Please commit to memory Psalm 91 for your son and husband. I am happy to say, God has helped me tremendously to be able to do that. Whenever I hear of someone who has a loved one in the Armed Services of America, I place their name on my "Psalm 91 List" and begin to pray for them and their families. The list began with my own son, who has served two deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He returned home from Afghanistan last October 17, 2008. I thank God for his safe return. May I suggest to these ladies to start a "Psalm 91 List" and hold the list between their hands, as they pray this Psalm over their loved ones, and to begin to add others to their lists. God answers prayer, and God is ever so faithful to those who love Him. Thank you so much for allowing me to write. Thank you again, for the creation of your website. You are so wonderful for supporting our service men and women. What a blessing you are to military families.

God bless you always,
Marine Mom,

Hello There,

My name is Susan Chrisman and I was checking out the site and saw the prayer request link which i feel is wonderful! Its great to see all the red shirts. I just learned of red shirt fridays and will most definitely be wearing red on fridays now!

I would like you to please pray for my brother Matthew Chrisman he is USN Seabee who was deployed last month and I just pray he returns home safe and sound on time, please keep him and my family in your prayers, thanks!


I would like to send a prayer request for my husband, PFC Payne who is serving with the 10th Mountain Division 2-87 Infantry out of Fort Drum, NY. He is currently deployed to Afghanistan and has been since January of this year. He is having a tough time since he had to leave me, our son, and our then 2 1/2 week old baby girl who was born Christmas Day, as well as deal with the loss of several friends. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank You!

Heather Payne